Is there somewhere I can park?

Yes, there is a car park next to our dog park.

Are there toilets available?

There are no human toilet facilities in or near our dog park.

Where is the dog park?

The Dog Park is locked on Balgraystone Road, outside Barrhead next to the Dams to Darnley Car Park. Balgraystone Road is currently closed at the Barrhead / St. Luke’s End, you will need to access Balgraystone Road from Glanderston Road.

How big is the park?

The dog park is 100 metres x 50 metres.

How is the park fenced?

The park is surrounded by a 6 foot fence. The wire is also dug in to the ground to ensure your furry friends cannot get over or under! The fencer has smaller gaps at the bottom to ensure even the smallest dogs cannot escape.

How do I use the Smart Lock?

  1. Press and hold any key until the keypad lights up.
  2. Enter your access code followed by #
  3. If the code does not work the first time, repeat steps 1 and 2.

I am a Dog Walker, can I use the park?

Yes, Dog Walkers are welcome to use the park. We do however ask that you contact us first for permission

Will there be any other dogs using the park?

No, you will have exclusive use of the park for the duration of your slot.

Can I purchase a gift card?

Yes, please click here if you’d like to purchase.